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Riverkeeper Programs

Listed below is a brief description of the current programs administered by the Willamette Riverkeeper organization. You can learn more about each program by selecting it from the titles listed above.

  • Clean River

Through advocacy and public involvement the Clean River Program seeks to ensure that the Clean Water Act and other environmental laws are fully implemented in the Willamette Basin.

  • Monitoring

Since 2001, the Monitoring Program has grown to include multiple facets that engage local residents in collecting water quality, observational, and habitat data that can be used to better understand the health of the river system.

  • River Discovery

The River Discovery Education Program provides opportunities to learn, explore, and enjoy the Willamette River, through padding trips, presentations and publications.

  • Habitat Restoration

Guided by scientific understanding of restoration principals, the Habitat Restoration Programs works to improve floodplain and riparian habitats within the Willamette Basin, in collaboration with multiple partners including private and state landowners and conservation organizations.



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